meet dripstick

the cum sponge

not for everybody, but here for those who want it! 😏

no more sitting over the

no more drips and leaks

no more wet sheets

no more ruined underwear

AwkwardEssentials - Dripstick Image Hero

cue the cum sponge

why we love it

  • quick absorbing

  • soft & comfy

  • medical-grade sponge

  • no additives or fragrances

  • try a sample pack for $2.00

2000+ reviews

4.7 star rating

feeling the love

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Such a great change to the handle! It makes such a difference when using it. These are the greatest invention for women’s sexual health and comfort in my opinion. I love them and I’ll never stop using them!

- Katrina G.

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Another amazing "awkward" essential product!!! I keep one of these in my bag at all times now because I'm constantly traveling for work and can't stand the nasty public toilets.

- Christine F.

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The robe is soft AF. I want to live in it. The Pound Town candle smells amazing, my husband lights it every day, he loves it too!

- Becky B.

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you put what where?

how it works

easier to use than a tampon

1 grip the handle

2 insert slowly

3 twirl gently while inserted

4 remove the sponge

5 that's it! see ya never, drips!

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our story

bringing women’s crotch care to the mainstream

"Listen, I love my husband but the mess after sex was not the business. Every time he finished I’d ninja roll off the bed, penguin walk/run to the bathroom, and sit there wiping an endless gush of his stuff. So, I invented the dripstick. Otherwise known as your post-sex BFF."
- Frances Tang, Founder + Captain Awkward

as seen in

meet the essentials

providing personal solutions for hella personal problems


say goodbye to post-sex drips

say goodbye to post-sex drips

try a sample pack for $2.00

try a sample pack for $2.00

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say hello to pee freedom

say hello to pee freedom

try a sample pack for $2.00

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making taboo topics less awkward

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AwkwardEssentials - Dripstick -The Cum Sponge

Dripstick -The Cum Sponge

the world’s first after sex clean up sponge that removes excess fluid from the vaginal canal.

try a sample pack for $2.00

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AwkwardEssentials - Mainstream - Pee Funnel + TP


Mainstream - Pee Funnel + TP

disposable pee funnel with toilet paper so you can go anywhere. hello, pee freedom.

try a sample pack for $#.##

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more than just bathroom puns

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