4.7 / 4,000+ Reviews

The After-Sex Sponge You Never Knew You Needed

Eliminate the annoying after-sex drippage with a medical-grade sponge that quickly soaks up any gooey leftovers.

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The original after-sex sponge

✓ Designed to absorb excess cum after sex

✓ Eliminates post-sex drippy discomfort

✓ Soft, medical-grade sponge

Comfortable Clean Up

This is the first of its kind absorbing sponge to make your internal post-sex clean-up a breeze. Made from a soft & squishy latex-free medical-grade sponge meant to absorb excess bodily fluids quickly.

Ditch The Toilet Drips

Say goodbye 👋  to sitting over the toilet waiting for it to drip out. Just insert the Dripstick into your vaginal canal, gently twirl the sponge and remove. Now you can be squishy pants free!

Stop Ruining Your Underwear

It’s happened to all of us before. You pull down your underwear a few hours after sex and find leftovers all over.

Convenient and Discreet

Each Dripstick is individually wrapped so you can carry it around discreetly and whip it out whenever you need it. ;)

Why Our Customers Keep Cumming Back

“I was embarrassed to even try this…but now it's essential. It makes clean up easy and the next day just a more comfortable situation. Works like it says. Easy to use.” - Erica P.

 “The fact that a product like this hasn’t been invented for the comfort of vulva owners before this really speaks to the lack of care about the quality of our lives as sexual beings. I really feel this is a game changer for me.” - Sarah W.

 “I cannot express how much I love this product. It truly has changed my sex life so much. I even keep them in my purse for spontaneous moments ;) I honestly don’t even want to have sex if I don’t have one of these with me.” Kristen K.

 “OMG I love these things! My husband just shoots a lot if you know what I mean. These things will absorb all of it, leave no mess, and are easy to use. No dripping anywhere, no messy underwear, no odor. Best yet no penguin waddles to the toilet.” - Esther F.

4.7 / 4,000+ Reviews

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