Meet Mainstream:
a disposable pee funnel to help you
reach that pee freedom

Never Touch A Dirty Toilet Again

We've all been there, anxiously layering down toilet paper, sheet after sheet, while doing a little jig trying to hold your bladder and unzip your pants at the same time.

Dirty toilets are a thing of the past, say goodbye to porta-potties and hello to Mainstream, your new pee freedom bff.

*please note: this item is currently only being sold as a pre-sale, expected shipped out the first week of Jan 2022

How to use

  1. Pop open the funnel using the creases
  2. Place between your legs. Try to completely cover the open hole with your crotch!
  3. Relax and go pee.

Say goodbye to:

  • Toilet seat covers that slide off
  • Porta potty hovering
  • Holding it until it hurts (hello, UTIs)
  • Frantic bathroom searching

Because we all deserve to stand up to pee

    • For happy campers
    • To avoid porta potty seats
    • Bring to festivals
    • Perfect road trip buddy
    • For soon-to-be mamas
    • Write your name in the snow

What our customers are saying:

"I grabbed a bunch of these to keep in my car and purse, they are great for those 'just in case' moments with myself or my kids!"

— Belinda J.

"I bought this because I've used their other product, dripstick, and trust the brand. This ended up helping me so much when I was camping and didn't want to do the squat, waddle, wet ankle dance"

— Alice P.

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