meet dripstick!

the cum sponge that's going viral

what exactly is a cum sponge?

dripstick, AKA the cum sponge, is the world's first after sex clean-up sponge that removes excess fluid from the vaginal canal. just insert, twirl, remove, and you’re good to go!

  • quick absorption
  • soft, comfortable sponge material
  • sterile, medical-grade sponge
  • no additives or fragrances

with dripstick, you can say goodbye to:

  • sitting on the toilet and waiting
  • drips and leaks
  • wet sheets
  • ruined underwear

our sample pack includes three sponges:

  • we LOVE that you're excited to try dripsticks for the first time, but please note only one sample pack is allowed per customer ❤️

can't commit? we have a sample pack of 3 for only $2!

Want to hear what doctors have to say about it?

According to Dr. Gersh, Dripstick is a safer way to remove ejaculate from the vaginal canal than these other innovative approaches. (Read: do NOT use a turkey baster in your vagina.)

“At first glance, the general product may sound bananas, but it’s really not. Vagina-havers have been coming up with innovative ways to get ejaculate out of their vaginas after intercourse forever.”- Dr. Gersh

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