Dripstick 3 Pack Samples - Event Pouch

Event 3 pack sample pouches
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Meet Dripstick 3 Pack Samples - Event Pouch

Event 3 pack sample pouches
Review Highlights
Can’t live without these!

This product changed my life. My partner and I enjoy morning sex, but it always sucked going to the gym after because it would either gush out uncomfortably or I’d have to shove some TP in there which would get all crumbly and sweaty. No more! I can’t live without Dripsticks now. The new handle is amazing as well. The sponge is soft and comfortable. Overall excellent product!

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Holy Grail

My husband and I are very sexually active having sex at least once a day - before the drip stick I would usually sigh after sex and say "ok time to drain out" just to later feel that horrid drip into my panties making them uncomfortable and wet. The drip stick is EVERYTHING. It is so easy and painless to use. One insert and spin and viola! I thought the sponge wouldnt be enough to absorb all the "frosting" but it sure does. I remember wishing something like this would be created and it has! Truly a must have for women who need it post sexy time.

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Life saver!!!

These drip sticks are a lifesaver!!! I get frequent UTIs and BV issues, especially after sex. I was so frustrated and at a loss on how to handle this. I tried many over the counter products for BV and vaginal health with no relief. The drip stick has done wonders, no smell the next day or urinary issues!!! I recommend anyone females with BV or UTI issues to try these!!!

12 people found this helpful

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awkward questions

how do I use the sponge?

what comes in a sample pack?

what is the sponge made out of?

do you ship in discreet packaging?

does it prevent pregnancy, STDs/STIs?

do I still need to pee after I use this?

what's the difference between this and a tampon?

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