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THE 69

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THE 69

17 reviews

get it on with the 69. this comes with 69 dripsticks and bonus items (that we switch up every few months! they are cool. we promise.) join the club. 

*due to high demand the 69 typically ships out within 5 business days! 

quick absorption
soft, comfortable sponge
medical grade material
no additives

here’s what's inside

p.s. these items change every few months so check back to see what's new 🎉

69 dripsticks
2 awk scrunchies
neoprene toiletry bag

directions for use


grip the handle with one hand.


while seated, slowly and carefully insert sponge into vaginal canal. maintain a grip on the handle.


gently swirl and twist sponge while inserted in the vaginal canal.


use the handle to slowly and carefully remove the sponge from the vaginal canal.

if excess fluids remain, repeat steps #1-4 with an unused product. reminder: always pee after sex to avoid UTIs!

read more on how to

"Who knew how the messiest, worst part of getting up after sex would be exciting?! I get so excited to jump up and run to the bathroom to use this little guy and scoop out all the ~junk~ quickly, easily, and effectively."

- Nicole

"LOVE IT. These are the perfect little “tool” I never knew I needed. Absolutely perfect and cleans everything up."

- Katherine

"This product is awesome!!! I was super skeptical because I’ve never had luck staying clean for more than a few minutes after sex. But it really does prevent all-day leakage! One sponge = dry panties all day. I highly, highly recommend!"

- Haley
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say goodbye to...

Sitting and waiting over the toilet

drips and leaks

wet sheets

ruined underwear

awkward questions

how do I use the sponge?

find the complete set of instructions here. if you have any additional questions please email us at, we are more than happy to help! 

how long do I leave it in?

however long it takes to clean up (typically a few seconds!)! leaving the sponge in the vaginal canal for a prolonged period of time does not increase effectiveness. find the complete set of instructions here.

what is the sponge made out of?

the sponge is made from medical grade polyurethane (this is the same material as some condoms, the contraceptive sponge, and various hospital instruments!) and polypropylene handle. there are no additives

do you ship in discreet packaging?

most orders ship in plain boxes with tape that says awkward essentials (not dripstick!) if you would like us to ship your order in completely discreet packaging, please send us an email to 
immediately after placing your order and let us know.

THE 69 ships in the box shown in the image on our site.

does it prevent pregnancy, STDs/STIs?

dripstick® is not a form of birth control, STD/STI protection, or menstruation product. 

do I still need to pee after I use this?

yes, yes, YES. always pee after sex (even if you use a dripstick) to help avoid UTIs. they suck. 

what our customers

have to say

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Lacie M.
United States United States

Finally something for the drips!

Love, love, love this product! Glad I took the plunge and ordered the 20 pack to try but then I about panicked when I realized I only had 2 left! The 69 pack is the way to go!

Jenn P.
United States United States

So great!

Who could pass up 69 for $69? The item i never knew I needed but now can't live without. My vaj and sheets commend you!

  • Age? 35-44
Jordan M.
United States United States

Helped with our pH problem

I've had 2 partners in my life whose pH just did NOT vibe with mine, and the smell emanating from me the day(s) after would be horrific if I didn't douche immediately after every session (which gets annoying, isn't great for your body, and makes the idea of sex feel very unsexy). These soak up enough that a) I'm not drippy and b) I don't have to deal with that terrible smell the day after. I'm sold

  • Age? 25-34
Lisa M.
United States United States

These things SUCK....literally!!!

Ever have the experience of NOT wanting to do the deed because of all the after effects? Use this product and you will have the NOT WANTING to WANTING all the time because these things really do suck all the stuff! You will be left drip free all day long. Dont let another week go by without purchasing these handy little cum-sickles; you will not be disappointed!!

  • Age? 35-44
Nikki B.
United States United States

Everything I hoped for.

Great experience. Definitely worth the purchase.

  • Age? 35-44