5 foods to increase libido
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5 foods to increase libido

Wait, what exactly is “libido”? It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot, but basically it’s a person's sexual appetite or drive. It's affected by hormone levels, mental state, physical well being, and diet! 

There are lots of things you can do to increase your libido, but the most simple method is incorporating foods that are nutrient rich into your diet so that it’s well balanced! Research suggests that are may be a few specific foods that can increase your sex drive:

  1. Oysters - They’re high in zinc, which helps to regulate testosterone levels and boost stamina. Now I’m not saying you need to google all you can eat seafood buffets near you right now, but a couple oysters on the half shell may be worth ordering on your next dinner date ;) 
  2. Basil - This one is technically more closely linked to performance than actual drive, but basil has been shown to promote cardiovascular health and improve blood flow because it's packed with magnesium and iron. And ya know what they say, healthy heart, healthy hump or something like that.
  3. Dark Chocolate -  This delicious treat contains something called phenylethylamine (PEA) aka the ‘love chemical’ and thus acts as a natural aphrodisiac. And for BONUS POINTS the cocoa in it gets the heart pumping and blood flowing if ya catch my drift.
  4. Garlic - Why is this starting to sound like a kinky pinterest recipe? Garlic contains allicin which stimulates blood flow to sexual organs in both men and women. But to be honest, who doesn't feel a little frisky around garlic bread? Case in point.
  5. Seeds - Specifically pumpkin and flax because they’ve got tons of Omega-3 fatty acids that boost serotonin and dopamine, aka the happy feel good chemicals in your brain ,aka happy feel good vibes in the bedroom.

Got a good recipe with any of these ingredients? Comment below! 



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