all your weird questions: answered
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all your weird questions: answered

As the inventor of the cum sponge, I get some pretty interesting questions. After reading that sentence, you may have some as well. Let’s begin!

1. How does it work?

dripstick® is a medical grade sponge with a handle, used to absorb all the excess fluids in the vagina after sex. Grab the handle, insert, swirl, remove, and toss.

2. Why can’t I just pee the cum out? 

The cum is in your vagina. You pee out of your urethra. These are different holes. Here is a picture of the female reproductive system if you don’t believe us?

diagram of a vagina
Source: WebMD
PS - American sex education has failed us

3. Does dripstick® prevent pregnancy? 

It does not prevent pregnancy, STIs, or STDs. You absolutely CANNOT remove all the excess sperm from the vagina with a sponge.

source: giphy

4. What does your dad think about your company? (???) 

I suspect the expected answer is something along the lines of he disapproves/is embarrassed/has disowned me. Jokes on you, weird person who is asking - My father started a company in the software industry so he is a founder as well. He has been extremely supportive and an unexpected mentor. As he says, “you need toilet paper for your ass, you need dripstick® for your vagina. What’s the problem?”

Source: giphy

5. Can I use dripstick® in my butt? 

Speaking of butts, we haven’t yet done extensive research on this use case. With that said, about 30% of our customers are male and several reviews mention this use case. Sign up for emails to get the latest updates on new product releases!

Source: giphy

6. How did you come up with dripstick®? *uncomfortable laugh*

It was a personal problem. I was not happy with cum dripping down my leg. I searched for a solution but couldn’t find anything aside from the sacrificial cum rag. This was fine, but for me, the problem was internal. So, I invented it. 

That’s all for now folks, but don’t worry - there’s more to come.

Source: giphy

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