Clean-Up on Aisle V: Your Guide to After Sex Clean-Up
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Clean-Up on Aisle V: Your Guide to After Sex Clean-Up

I know there’s usually quite a few things that get skipped over in health class and sex ed, but after sex clean up is something no one prepared us for. Well not anymore!! We wanted to break down some of the different options for cleaning up after sex including (but not limited to) our beloved dripstick. 

Option #1: dripstick

Okay, okay I know, but can you blame me for the top pick being the only tool that prevents delayed drippage and snail trail? As you may or may not know, dripstick is inserted into the vagina after sex and absorbs all the fun left over fluids that were.. um.. deposited (we're talking about cum here!). It prevents snail trail and soggy panties even hours after the act. Also, can we talk about how the drip always happens at the worst times? Like at the gym or in the middle of a meeting the next day? SO wack, but thankfully dripsticks keep those uncomfy moments at bay. You can purchase dripstick here

Option #2: Towel

Personally, I believe that hand towels are for hands, buttttt the cum rag is (probably) a centuries old method of sopping up semen. Although it does a great job of tidying up the external bits, the inside is neglected. However, a towel laid down on the bed def helps prevent your sheets from suffering from the dreaded wet spot and ensures both parties rest easy knowing there’s no cold, damp zones they have to avoid. Cue the post-coital cuddles. 

Option #3: Shower

We all love a nice refreshing shower, especially when it gives us a chance to rinse away the sweat and bedhead that happened during our romp around, and it's a safe space to let leftovers leak out. But, if you’ve ever made the decision to hop in the shower after a spontaneous 3am trip to pound town or longed for the warm embrace of hot water and soap after a quickie somewhere sneaky, you know that its just not always realistic to wash off the post sex splooge. 

Option #4: Nothing

Yup. You read that right. Doing nothing is an option too. Some people enjoy the drip and that’s totally cool too, whatever creams your pie! As long as you remember to pee after (this goes for all the clean up methods!), carry on you spicy thing. ;)

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