Want Him To Cum Inside? What To Know
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Want Him To Cum Inside? What To Know

Want Him To Come Inside You? What To Know

There are many different ways to engage in sexual activities, other than the traditional missionary moment. But even if that’s your style, not every man comes inside his partner.

Many female partners find enjoyment when their partner finishes inside and are aroused by taking part in their pleasure. For some, it also inspires a deeper sense of trust to remain emotionally and physiologically connected during climax. 

If you want your man to come inside during sex, or you’re a gent looking to get the inside scoop, here’s a few things you need to know!

Myths and Truths Involving Sexual Acts

Did you know?

Sex Myth #1

The lady always has an orgasm during vaginal intercourse.

This is not always the case. A scientific study found that only 18.4% of women reported penetration sufficient to acheive anorgasm while 36.6% of women required clitoral stimulation for completion. Another 36% reported that while not necessary, clitoral stimulation increased the pleasure and intensity of their orgasm during penetration.[1]

Sex Myth #2

You can’t get pregnant while you’re on your period.

This is, unfortunately, another myth. While it’s less likely, any unprotected vaginal sex that remains inside through completion still has the potential to impregnate the recipient. A safe sex sheath is always recommended. 

Sex Myth #3

The “pullout method” is safe sex.

This is a common misconception about intercouse. Some fluids are still exchanged before complete ejaculation and is possible to cause pregnancy or transmit an STI even if he pulls out.

The “His and Hers” Opinions On The Subject

What’s the real word on the street?


The Journal of Sexual Medicine conducted a study in 2018 where they surveyed sexually active women about vaginal intercourse and ejaculation to get a baseline opinion for why or why not ejaculation inside the vaginal canal was desireable. 

Of the women surveyed, 17.4% reported experiencing a more intense orgasm heightened by their partner’s intensity while ejaculating. Another 22.6% of women surveyed stated that when their partner completed inside, their own orgasm was more intense than if they had not.[2]


For many heterosexual men, finishing inside their partners canal is often viewed as the ultimate climax. His pleasure is more intense without a condom and the potential for more spontaneous intimacy is desirable. 

Many men report that condoms hinder the intensity of their orgasm and that pulling out interrupts the thrusting rhythm and overall pleasure. 

Things to Consider 

Of course, the ultimate concern when discussing vaginal ejaculation is the potential for pregnancy. If you or your partner haven’t taken other precautions such as birth control or medical prevention, it’s best to use a condom. 

While it can be the height of pleasure, coming inside also brings up clean up considerations. Keep unscented baby wipes handy or enjoy a hot shower after sex to keep your bits tidy and clean.  

Be Safe and Have Fun!

Whether you’re planning a family or just looking to connect, coming inside can be both complicated and rewarding. Ensure that you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to pleasure. 




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