Dripstick: More Multifunctional Than You'd Think
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Dripstick: More Multifunctional Than You'd Think

Ahhh Dripstick, you know ‘em, you love ‘em, but did you know that they can be used for more than just un-creaming your pie?? Whether you’re going through a dry spell, in an LDR, or just have some extras laying around, here’s some ideas on how to put your cum sponges to use outside of the bedroom!

  • Painting
Yep you read that right! You can 100% paint using Dripsticks! Don’t believe me?? Peep the pic below to see what the Awkward team created using some old versions, acrylic paint, and a good old Bob Ross tutorial. Pro tip: if using the OG version of Dripstick, the handle is great for creating details in your masterpiece ;)

  • Sculptures
I went to art school, so can you blame me for getting crafty with these things?? A bit of hot glue and next thing ya know you’ve created the next Statue of David, Michelangelo would be proud. 

  • Makeup
I genuinely think that you could use Dripsticks to apply and blend out cream blush and contour. Tutorial coming soon.

  • Mostly Silent Desk Drum Solos
Headphones: in. Dripsticks: drumming Coworkers: not annoyed by tap tap noises

  • Directing Really Tiny Airplanes

You get it.


There ya have it folks. Now its your turn to have some fun with your cum sponges!! If you do decide to get crafty or try something new with Dripstick, pleaseeeee send it to us at hey@awkwardessentials.com, we would love to see what you come up with!! <3


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