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Dripstick vs. Tampon

Dripstick vs Tampon - the (almost) year old question. It's a question that never ceases to show up in our comment section across social media and in our emails.To be fair, its a totally valid question! We know that Dripstick is this whole new thing that has never been seen before, and we know that some people have been using tampons to soak up sea mans. So let’s talk about why Dripstick is better than a glorified tampon.

FIrst let's break down what a tampon is. A tampon is a dense piece of cotton meant to absorb much more fluid for a long period of time (like 5ml over 4-8 hours). And if you’ve ever inserted or taken out a dry tampon, you know that full body ick, make your coochie cringe feeling that comes with that. Well that less than comfortable feeling is actually caused by the cotton causing micro tears in your vaginal walls and openings. I know that sounds scary, but they’re rarely something to be super concerned about. Tampons are literally meant to slowly expand to soak up menstrual blood throughout the day.

Dripstick, on the other hand,  is made of a soft sponge that absorbs quickly and is meant for less fluid (like 2ml in a few seconds). Semen, as you probably know, is a unique texture that kinda feels like sticky face wash. Because the sponge we use is super porous, it's able to soak up the baby juice quickly and efficiently! To avoid that ick feeling, we recommend letting a little bit of semen exit the vaginal opening or using a small amount of lube to allow for a smooth entry.

Long story short, Dripstick is the more comfortable and more effective option for internal post sex clean-up, friends.





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