We are now in CVS!
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We are now in CVS!

Asian people do not talk about sex. I’d like to think it's getting a little better, but my generation’s parents simply never had the conversation. For a lot of us, it went like this: “No dating until marriage.” “Ok you are married — where are the grandkids?”

Many of us were under a lot of pressure to follow a certain path. Go to college and get a “good job" (doctor, lawyer, etc.). I grew up in an area where the pressure was immense and everyone I knew was instructed to follow this path. 

But my dad was an outlier, because he is a founder. And I think being a founder is genetic. So despite never talking about sex and going to one of the most competitive high schools in the Bay Area, I ended up doing the opposite and starting Awkward Essentials — a cum sponge company. 

And now that product, the invention that came out of my brain, Dripstick, is on shelves at 1900 CVS stores.

We are the first Asian owned sexual wellness company to launch at CVS. 

And although it's just (for now!) one product in an aisle of many, its progress. Progress takes time and is often an uphill battle. We have faced our fair share of challenges to get here and will inevitably face more. But to be part of this movement, with my parents, supporters, and all of you by my side, it's an honor to keep fighting. 

We may be one of the first, but thanks to all of your support, I know we will not be the last. 

Find us in stores here

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