How to Clean Your Sex Toys
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How to Clean Your Sex Toys

Adulthood comes with many joys, like taxes, oil changes, and of course, cleaning sex toys. And unlike underwear that you can just throw in the wash and forget about, your toys need a little more TLC to keep you (and your holes) happy.

For the majority of toys, simple soap and water will do the trick to wash away any bacteria or leftovers that may be hanging around. It's recommended that you use a mild, unscented, and antibacterial soap, either for hands or dishes, and is light enough that it won’t leave behind any residue that may disrupt your PH levels. I know that sounds like a lot of requirements, but you could honestly get a simple baby wash and be set! If your toys aren’t waterproof, carefully use a damp cloth with a bit of soap on it to wipe it down, making sure to remove all the suds. There’s also toy cleaners available that will do the trick in a pinch, but most experts agree that they shouldn’t be your go to because they’re comparable to dry shampoo. They’ll get you by but for no more than two or three days max. 

Make sure to wash your toys for at least twenty seconds and dry thoroughly with a clean towel before storing them in a (you guessed it) clean space. Try remembering to keep the original packaging or a satin sack if you’ve only got one or two, but for storing more than a few, you may want to consider a larger plastic container that’s dishwasher safe. 

Make sure to clean your toys regularly and especially before use, remember: healthy sex is happy sex! 


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