the what and why of leaking after sex
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the what and why of leaking after sex

Contrary to the beliefs of some on the internet, the vagina does not absorb everything after sex. If you are cool with a cum filled vagina (or use condoms, or find the cum…elsewhere) then we’re stoked for you! If you experience leaky-vagina-syndrome after sex and want to get down to the why, we’ve got some answers. #science. 

Why does semen leak out of the vagina after sex?

The real answer: it has nowhere else to go! At the end of the vaginal canal is the cervix, which essentially blocks the fluid (or anything else) from getting up into the uterus. Because of that, what goes up (or in), must come back down. It’s all gravity. It’s also completely normal to 'leak' for a few hours, even up to a day, after someone has ejaculated inside of your vaginal canal. If this bothers you, you can use a dripstick to soak up the semen in the vaginal canal immediately after sex (or a towel, or whatever works for you!) 

The great news - this leaking is completely normal! All bodies are different and some of our vaginas leak more than others. And it’s not just semen that’s leaking… in fact, only 10% of the ejaculate is actual sperm. Ejaculate is made out four parts -

  • Fluid from the seminal vesicles
  • Citric acid and spermine 
  • Clear fluid that acts as lubricant 
  • Sperm 

PS If you’re trying to get pregnant, leaking does not make it more difficult! 

Can you prevent leaking after sex?

If it’s something that bothers you, there are a few solutions out there. Before anything else, we have to say it again: Don’t forget to pee after sex to avoid UTIs! Now that’s out of the way, a few solutions… 

  • Wear a condom - we know this sometimes isn’t ideal for people in committed relationships, but it is always an option! 
  • While you’re on the toilet peeing, use toilet paper to wipe it away. For some of us, this does the trick! 
  • Wipes - there are lots of wipes on the market (or you can use baby wipes) that can be used for this 
  • Use a towel - or designate a towel for this purpose! 
  • Take a shower (and if you’re up for it, take a finger and swipe it out - this was the inspiration for the dripstick!) 
  • Wear a pad/panty liner. Depending on how long you experience leakage, you may have to wear one overnight or the next day. 
  • Use a dripstick! 

A few solutions that we don’t recommend… 

  • We don’t recommend using a tampon for this purpose since tampons are meant to absorb a different type of fluid, for an extended period of time. Also..some of us have tried this, and lets just say it gives the word slimy a new meaning. 
  • Douching - this can change your pH balance as there are additives in douches

Leaking after sex is weird. Not very many people talk about it, but a lot of us go through it. If you (like us) aren’t a fan of the wet spot, emergency underwear changes, or the awkward next day gush while you’re at work - there are options! And just know that you aren’t completely alone. 

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