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(A warm welcome from Fran and Fran) 

Hey there!! I’m so excited you’re here!! It has been a wild ride and I can’t believe we’re at a place where we have a blog and super rad people like yourself are here reading it!! 😍😍😍

The invention of dripstick® was born out of a desire to solve a personal problem. I never intended to start a company, and could not have imagined how people would respond to my simple invention. I suspected people weren’t talking about the really sticky things happening behind closed bathroom doors, but never realized just how many of us there were!! 

Our goal with Awkward Essentials is to build a community and brand where we can talk about those things! We know it can get a little weird, and so regardless of if you feel like shouting about post sex cleanup from the rooftops or not, we’re here for you! Email us, chat us - we’re all ears, no matter what. 

Enjoy poking around on the site and you may find a few surprises :)
- Frances, Founder / Captain Awkward

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