5 Ways to Ignite Intimacy with Coral
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5 Ways to Ignite Intimacy with Coral

Rekindle the Flame: 5 Ways to Ignite Intimacy

We often start relationships in a haze of passion and lust. Then life's hustle gets in the way, and routine and responsibility kill the momentum for spontaneous intimate moments, making them feel like distant memories. But the spark isn't lost! Here are five methods to get out of a rut and rekindle intimacy with your partner from our partners at the Coral app, your coach for connection.

  1. Heart-to-Heart Conversations

An open dialogue about your intimacy can help you prioritize and explore intimacy. Remember, it’s important to discuss desires, boundaries, and feelings without blame or shame! Honesty and safe vulnerability paves the way for a stronger connection. Coral can help you do this through the ‘Connect’ feature which provides daily chat prompts - connect accounts and they'll facilitate the conversation for you! 

  1. Try Novel Activities

Step out of your comfort zone. A dance class, a weekend trip, or a guided sexy Coral exercise can reignite excitement and closeness. Doing novel things together can improve your relationship quality, however that looks for you.

  1. Plan Intimacy Moments

While scheduling passion might seem odd, it fosters anticipation and ensures both prioritize these moments. It's about cherishing, not chore-listing, intimacy. Coral’s exercise scheduler gives you something concrete to look forward to - whether that’s an eye gazing meditation or a vulva massage!

  1. Keep Learning

Dive into books, workshops, or apps like Coral to deepen your understanding of intimacy. When you learn about the science of desire and arousal, it gives you tools to shift your existing patterns and makes you realize there’s lots of tools in the toolkit for getting out of a relationship rut. Harnessing this knowledge can be your secret to working through a dry patch.

  1. Consult the Pros

Finally, if you feel you need it, seeking guidance from therapists or relationship experts can offer new techniques and insights. There’s no shame in getting a pro to support you in creating a better relationship - we all need help sometimes! 

Stay proactive and cherish each other. It's natural for intimacy to fluctuate, but with effort, the flame stays alive.

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