Finally take that class...without leaving the house
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Finally take that class...without leaving the house

Why do date night ideas always involve leaving the house?? Sometimes with life, work, kids...leaving is almost impossible (let alone after 7pm). So, today's idea hopefully helps solve that problem. 

"Take a dance class" is on literally every date night idea list for couples but the logistics can make it tough. Our twist on this idea is to do it at home. Here are a few options how: 

- Book a private 1:1 virtual dance session with any dance teacher around the world! Or a local teacher - so when you get good and your schedules calm down, you can take a class from them in real life! 
- Find a virtual class to participate in 
- Find a YouTube video tutorial to do together. Do it at your own pace. Turn it into a drinking game. Prepare to dominate the next wedding you attend. 

And of course, find a way to add food into the mix. 

are you into it?

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