4.7 / 4,000+ Reviews

pH balance always thrown off?

"I am prone to BV and yeast infections and I haven’t had either since I started using these."

as seen in


✓ Designed to absorb excess cum after sex

✓ Eliminates post-sex drippy discomfort

✓ Soft, medical-grade sponge

Comfortable Clean Up and Beyond...

"Quick science lesson: semen is alkaline to help sperm reach the egg. The vagina is an acidic environment. When the pH is thrown off you can end up with BV. Symptoms of BV include fishy odor, irritation, redness, itching, and discolored discharge."

"We did a small informal study where we asked women who after sex typically suffer from Bacterial Vaginitis or BV...of the people that tried Dripstick, every one of them reported improvement!" - The Vagine Queens

Ready to try Dripstick?

How does it work?

Grip handle and insert sponge into vaginal canal

Twirl to absorb fluids

Remove and toss! 

Dripstick has no additives whatsoever.

What Our Customers Say...

"I recommend them to everyone! I was seriously feeling like I was allergic to my husband's 💦 due to yeast infections after sex. I have not had one infection since I started using them. Thank you!"

"Five star, I used to get yeast infections alllll the time because of cum obviously keeps the area moist.. since this product I have not had any yeast infections"

"11/10 experience stopped my chronic bv and yeast infections"

"This was my third purchase, I am prone to BV and yeast infections and I haven’t had either since I started using these."

"Started using these right after sex and my vagina have been able to recover fast with no recurrent yeast infections!"

"I was having chronic yeast infections due to my husbands cum throwing my pH off immediately. I would have a full blown yeast infection within an hour of having sex…. I was living off diflucan and just miserable and making me not even wanting to have sex or making sure he pulled out. I stumbled upon this product and it has BEEN LIFE CHANGING!!!"

4.7 / 4,000+ Reviews

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