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We’re so excited you ran into dripstick in the wild!
Pleasure to meet you.

We’re so excited you ran into dripstick in the wild!

Pleasure to meet you.

" This product changed my life. I can’t live without Dripsticks now. The new handle is amazing as well. The sponge is soft and comfortable. Overall excellent product! "

"The drip stick is EVERYTHING. It is so easy and painless to use. One insert and spin and viola! Truly a must have for women who need it post sexy time. "

"These drip sticks are a lifesaver!!! The drip stick has done wonders, no smell the next day or urinary issues!!!"

sex is great but these things aren't:

  • penguin waddling to the bathroom after sex
  • the slow drip snail trail
  • wet sheets and underwear
  • next day gushing
  • that smell tho

dripstick can fix that. use code INTHEWILD10 for 10% off.

(this doesn't have to be you anymore. yay.)

how does it work?

1. insert

2. twist

3. remove

tell me more

Dripstick—aka the cum sponge—is the original after-sex sponge for absorbing excess cum. It’s a super soft, medical-grade sponge that quickly soaks up gooey leftovers to eliminate drippy discomfort. Not for your butt.

  • First-of-its-kind post-sex hygiene product
  • Designed to absorb excess cum after sex
  • Eliminates post-sex drippy discomfort
  • Soft, medical-grade sponge
  • Not for everybody, but here for those who want it!

What it’s NOT: a menstruation product, birth control, or STI/STD protection, or for your butt.

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Sold out

Sold out
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