holiday shopping & shipping updates

'Tis the season for chaos.


Family gatherings, last-minute shopping, holiday traffic—you name it, it's probably chaotic this time of year.

Postal carriers are seeing the most chaos this year and once a package leaves our warehouse it's out of our control :(

We’re coming to you with love and full transparency! We want you to get your holiday shopping done early. Not just for our sake, but for yours as well! Here are some updates and holiday season hacks to ensure you get your awkward goodies in time <3


Shipping Delays

  • We’re seeing added delays across the board - for both domestic and international orders :(
  • Please allow for an extra 1-2 weeks delivery time for the sample package to be delivered
  • Please allow for an extra 5-10 business days for all other packages

Tracking Transparency

Due to all postal carriers being extra messy this year, there’s been a lack of transparency while a package is en route. Please allow for an extra few days before reaching out to our team if your package appears stuck. We, unfortunately, have the same visibility into its location as you do. Please, check your tracking number for updates though!


The Early Bird Gets the Cum Sponge

Shop EARLY! Postal carriers and supply chains are a hot mess right now with the season ramping up :( Once a package leaves our warehouse it's unfortunately out of our control. That's why we're encouraging y'all to shop early this year! Especially with sample orders and international orders! We recommend snagging it now, to keep you from saying “bah humbug” when it won't be here in time.

Save the Date

Due to the shipping delays for domestic and international orders, we have recommended shipping cutoff dates for ya! Please note, even expedited shipping is taking longer than normal :( 

Domestic orders: please place by 12/10 to get by the end of December

International orders: please place by 12/4 to get by the end of December


P.S. Dripsticks make a phenomenal stocking stuffer. Just saying.

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