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Meet Nikki

So who is Nikki and what does she have to do with vibrators?!

Nikki the person who took me to buy my first vibrator. She is that one friend who is really cool and confident, and the day we talked about owning a vibrator, she immediately said “Wait what, you don’t have one?! Let’s go get you one!”. And promptly took me to get one. She took me to an adult ‘bookstore’ near our college campus and I ended up with a pink bullet (that I had no idea how to use…)

(Something like this but honestly cheaper and more plastic-y...)

(Also, I'm like 99% sure this was the place. Yes, it says "NUDE GIRLS" behind that tree)

Fast forward years later, and dear Nikki and I have come full circle. Our “Intro to vibrator” kit is named after her because not everyone has a Nikki in their life to drag them to the store - and that’s okay. I never thought we would put together a vibrator kit but then I realized that there are still people out there who feel the exact same way I did before Nikki stepped in.

So we partnered with our friends to put together a kit with everything you need (and I wish I had) for your first vibrator -  including lube, cleaner, and a PDF of education on the basics of how (to use, clean, masturbate, etc - who is supposed to teach you this?!). 

If you already own one, we’re stoked for you. We’d love for you to gift this to a friend who doesn’t. Those of you who are the Nikki of your friend group, I know you know who you are! If not, gift this to yourself - we promise we’ll be your Nikki to help walk you through everything. 

Founder & Captain Awk 

are you into it?

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