Best Black Friday Deals: Self Care Edition
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Best Black Friday Deals: Self Care Edition

How in the world is it already Black Friday/Christmas/New Years/2022?!?!?!? I for one am shooketh, BUT on the bright side, there are some absolutely amazing Black Friday deals happening and you already know I just have to share! I’ve got you covered from self care to comfort and back again ;)

1. Awkward Essentials - 10 pack of Dripsticks + a Pound Town candle for only $32

2. Dame - 25% off site wide and 35% off some sets - Sustainable period products from pads to tampons

3. Awkward Essentials - First Timers kit: 10 pack of Dripsticks, hand towel, makeup bag, and cup all for $39

4. Foria - 30% everything - CBD wellness products to help you relax and unwind

5. Awkward Essentials - 100 pack of Dripsticks + free Awk Cup for $95

6. Brooklinen - 20% off sitewide - Luxury bathrobes, towels, sheets and more

7. Awkward Essentials - Any purchase over $20 gets a free mystery gift (hint, hint: it’s our next product)

Hopefully this little list helps make shopping a little easier for ya! Be sure to keep an eye on our socials for even more great deals and fun brands, now go get stuffed


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