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Dripstick Misconceptions

Hey, hello, hi! I want to just take a second to have a sip of haterade and debunk some common misconceptions that somehow manage to float around the internet despite our best efforts (looking @ you people who don’t bother reading the caption or comments before posting a comment).

#1: Is Dripstick birth control?

Absolutely NOT! Dripstick is literally just a sponge designed to be an after sex clean up tool. That’s it. No more, no less. Next question.

#2: How is Dripstick different from a tampon?

Lemme break this down for y’all. Tampon = dense cotton meant to expand and absorb large amounts of fluids over time (ie: your period). Dripstick = soft sponge that absorbs quickly and is meant for less fluid (ie. semen). If you’ve ever put in or taken out a dry tampon, you know the full body ick you get from the rough cotton causing microtears in your vaginal walls. Long story short, Dripstick is the safer, more effective, and more comfortable option for soaking up leftovers.

#3 Are men behind this?

HA! Tbh, no shade but most people with penises don’t really think about what goes on after vagina owners waddle to the bathroom, so do we really think they’d brainstorm a way to clean up the mess? Didn’t think so. Our team is mostly made up of women, peep our Instagram to get to know the masterminds here at AE ;) 

I hope this helped to paint a clearer picture of Dripsticks and the AE team!

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