Top Tips to Remove Butt Hair - Everything You Need to Know
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Top Tips to Remove Butt Hair - Everything You Need to Know

Everyone has butt hair, it’s a completely normal part of life. But not everyone knows it’s there for a good reason! It can live deep in the crevasse as well as on the cheeks. 

Butt hair not only relieves chafing as you walk or run but it also serves to wick away excess moisture in that region. 

I bet you’re dying to know more, RIGHT?


The Lowdown On Everything Related To Butt Hair

Unfortunately, there is far more stigma and embarrassment surrounding butt and pubic hair than say, eyelashes and leg hair. Regardless of where you land on the topic, it’s important to learn as much as possible about the proper hygiene and safe removal methods for body hair. 

It Does Have A Purpose

One purpose of butt hair is to wick away moisture in the crack region, helping you stay dry and prevent chafing between the cheeks. It also protects the delicate and sensitive skin around your anus. 

Despite these excellent qualities, some people find it itchy, irritating, and inconvenient. Many opt to remove it to increase comfort and a cleaner feeling. But let’s be frank, some people want to remove butt hair to improve the ass eating experience, both giving and receiving. 

Safe Butt Hair Removal Methods

If the peach fuzz isn’t your style, freeing yourself of this burden is common practice. There are several at-home or DIY options or you can take a more self-care approach and see a professional. 

Temporary removal methods are fairly simple and fast. You shouldn’t have to undertake the task too frequently as pubic hair doesn’t grow quickly. If you plan to take care of business on your own, have a mirror or partner handy to avoid missing any clusters. 


Shaving is the fastest and easiest method of butt hair removal. However, shaving any region can leave the area feeling irritated and uncomfortable. Here are some tips to avoid that experience. 

Use a small razor or a bikini shaver to give yourself enough room to maneuver around safely. Before you get started, wash your nether region with mild soap and give yourself a good lather with a non-toxic or sensitive shaving gel. 

The easiest position is to lunge on the ledge of the tub or toilet. Separate the cheeks by pulling one to the side and holding it tight. 

Take it slow and use small motions to shave the hair away and rinse off. Dry yourself gently with a patting motion. Don’t swipe or rub too soon as this can cause unnecessary irritation. 



Waxing is more effective at removing hair from the roots, rather than only from the visible surface. Though more difficult than shaving, you can do this on your own from the privacy of your bathroom. 

There’s no getting around the pain factor with waxing. The reason it's quick and effective is that it’s removing all or most of the hair in one fell swoop by yanking it out. Some waxers experience occasional bleeding after treatment. 

If you’re willing and able to take this on at home, start with a warm shower or bath. It won’t work effectively if your butt hair isn’t long enough so make sure you can at least grab ahold of it before trying to remove it. On the flip side, if it’s too long, you may need to give it a trim or you’ll only remove the longest pieces leaving the rest behind. 

Most home waxing kits come with thorough instructions so make sure you read those thoroughly before beginning. Apply the wax while it’s warm and melted and layer on your waxing strip. 

Once the wax is hardened, it’s time to rip it off like a schoolyard band aid. Pull in the opposite direction from how your hair grows and repeat until smooth. If you’re concerned about feeling raw or chafing, lightly apply your favorite unscented lotion. 


Not for the faint of heart, an epilator is an electrical device for hair removal. It operates by grasping several hairs at once and pulling them out together. 

Some prefer an epilator to wax as it doesn’t remove skin cells and there’s a lower chance of bleeding. They’re not too small, however, so depending on how much real estate you want to clear, it may not work to remove butt hair.  


Tweezing your butt hair doesn’t require any fancy tools or creams, just your trusty tweezers. Though for sanitary reasons, you may want to invest in a new pair dedicated for this purpose. 

While tweezing is a simple and controlled method of hair removal, yanking one strand at a time is a tedious process that would take quite some time. There’s also a much higher chance of missing many hairs and ending up with an uneven landscape. 

Hair Removal Creams

Removal creams actually dissolve hair by breaking down the proteins within. This is what makes them highly acidic, the main ingredient usually being thioglycolic acid.[1] Some users experience rashes and burns after use. Be sure to always consult a physician if this happens to you.

If you have sensitive skin, this method of butt hair removal is not recommended. Even if you don’t generally have sensitive skin, try doing a small patch test before generous application to a very delicate area.

Permanent Removal Methods

If you want to skip the hassle and potential discomfort of regular removal, consider investing in a permanent solution. Laser or electrolysis procedures reduce hair growth to be virtually extinct so you never have to worry about the undesirables again. 

Electrolysis uses shortwave radio frequencies with an epilator to permanently damage hair follicles. Laser removal achieves the same results with lasers instead of sound. 

These solutions are an investment that’s far steeper than a few wax sessions. Each session is typically a few hundred dollars and most folks require more than a handful of treatments. 

Butt Hair Removal: Are There Any Risks?

With any of the listed removal techniques listed, there is the potential risk of sensitivity or discomfort in the affected area. By removing the hair, you also remove what’s protecting the delicate skin around your anus. 

If you shave, there could be cuts and if you wax, you may tear skin and bleed. If you decide to use removal creams, you may experience burning. After any of these treatments, there may be initial itchiness. Keep the area moisturized for best comfort results. 

Normalize Butt Hair!

Listen, everyone has it. And as the saying goes, everyone has an opinion to match! Go with your gut and choose a safe butt hair removal option. 

are you into it?

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