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Why you shouldn't hold it in...

We all do it. WE ALL HOLD IN OUR PEE. You probably know it isn't ideal, but this seemingly harmless once-in-a-while act can actually have some serious consequences for your bladder and kidneys!! I know you know us for the bodily fluid that is cum, but now it's time to talk about urine. YAY. 

Prepare to dive into the wild world of why holding in your pee is a big red flag. Plus, we'll equip you with some clever tricks to tackle those urgent situations when the bathroom is nowhere to be found (cough cough like having a mainstream on hand). Let's get this potty party started.

Holding it in can affect your...
  • Bladder Health: Stretching your bladder beyond its limits, weakening its muscles, and playing a dangerous game of "bladder roulette". Like what if someone makes you laugh? 
  • Kidney Health: Holding it in puts undue stress on these important organs, leading to potential infections and other unwanted surprises.
  • UTIs: We talk about this one a lot because it is THE WORST. And it can occur when you keep urine in the bladder for too long, increasing the risk of uncomfortable urinary tract infections.
  • Overactive Bladder: The brain and bladder battle royale, resulting in an overactive bladder and potentially embarrassing moments of urinary incontinence.
Let's fix it by...
  • Planning ahead: Master the art of preemptive peeing. Doesn't matter if you're 5 years old or have a 5 year old - just pee before you leave
  • Scouting skills: Sharpen your eye for hidden gem establishments with public restrooms, like coffee shops, gas stations, or malls - I am a personal fan of the library. 
  • Go old school: Sometimes you just have to pee in a bush. Just try to be discreet about it...
  • Portable potty: OBVIOUSLY we are going to mention having a mainstream pee funnel on you at all times. Car, backpack, suitcase - they flat and come with toilet paper and hand sanitizer so you really don't have to worry about a thing. 
  • Pee kit: Arm yourself with a trusty arsenal of tissues, wet wipes, and hand sanitizer to conquer any hygiene hurdles along the way. Like a diaper bag, but for adults. But seriously, a mainstream would also solve this for you. 
Got any other creative ideas? We'd love to hear them. Long live bodily fluids! 

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