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Pick, Bake, Sip

Fruit picking - but with a little more!

Find an orchard near you where you and your partner can pick fruit - strawberries, blueberries, apples, oranges...On our way out to the orchard, pick up a bag of chips. When you get there, start picking and don't forget to take some cute photos! 

Once you've gathered your bounty, it's time to head home and get creative in the kitchen. TOGETHER. (consider it team building?). Find a recipe you can use the fruit in, like a pie, crisp, or crumble and start baking!

Finally, while your masterpiece is in the oven, complete the day with a cocktail using the fruit you picked like a fresh peach bellini or strawberry mojito! 

Eat and drink everything. When you are tired of fruit, open the bag of chips you picked up on the way to the orchard and go for it. 

are you into it?

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