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The Restaurant Tour

What's date night if it doesn't involve food? Enter the multi-restaurant tour to create your own meal (and/or for the forever indecisive!)

Here's how it works: Choose a food type, and visit at least three different restaurants to create your meal. For example, you could start with an appetizer at restaurant #1, split an entrée at restaurant #2, split another entrée at restaurant #3, enjoy dessert at restaurant #4, and finish off the night with a drink at a cozy bar or lounge.

To get you started, here are some ideas:

Hawaiian-themed tour- You could start with a spam musubi at restaurant #1, move on to chicken katsu at #2, enjoy some delicious short ribs at #3, indulge in shave ice at #4, and end the night at a fun tiki bar or lounge.
Mexican-themed tour- why not start with some chips and guac at restaurant #1, move on to some delicious tacos at #2, enjoy some enchiladas at #3, treat yourself to some churros at #4, and finish off the night with a margarita or tequila tasting at a nearby bar.

This is a great way to explore your city or town, try new foods, and keep it simple with an interesting twist!

are you into it?

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