The Ladies' Guide to Fighting the Wet Spot on Sheets
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The Ladies' Guide to Fighting the Wet Spot on Sheets

You just had sex, and it was awesome. So awesome, in fact, that there’s a telltale sign of a good time in the form of a “wet spot” on the bed.

Whether a lot or a little, good sex involves a lot of fluids. But sleeping in those fluids is less than pleasant for the person who pulls the short straw. It’s cold, damp, and can ruin a good post-coital nap in a flash.

So, what’s a girl to do?

First Thing’s First: What is the Wet Spot?

During partner sex, you may find a damp puddle beneath you that soaks the blankets, sheets, maybe even the mattress. It may be thin, thick, low volume, high volume, cloudy, or clear.

Is it pee? Sweat? Combination sex fluids? What?

Most people – women included – are conditioned to believe that women don’t ejaculate. Only men ejaculate, so naturally, that wet spot is just pee that leaked out during sex.

Nope, not even close. This is simply cultural conditioning. According to numerous studies on the topic, the wet spot on the bed sheet is ejaculation – just not male ejaculation.

Also called squirting, spurting, or cumming, female ejaculation isn’t necessarily common. Some women ejaculate every time, while others may never ejaculate. It may involve different amounts or types of stimulation.

Though studies point to this wet spot being female ejaculate, it’s unclear what it is. We know that it’s from the woman, we know that it only occurs with orgasm (just like male ejaculate), but research is divided on what actually comes out.

Some studies suggest that it’s urine, which goes along with the feeling of having to pee that some women describe before it happens. Of course, the natural response to this is to pee before sex, and yet it still happens – and in higher volumes that one would expect having just peed.

Still, other studies, including ones from reputable science journals, suggest that the fluid in the wet spot is ejaculate matter and not pee. Additional studies show that squirting and female ejaculation are different and involve different fluids and origins (but still not pee…maybe).

But in any case, whether it’s mystery ejaculate, pee, or lemonade, it occurs because of sexual arousal and an orgasm. So basically, who cares what it is if it feels good?

How to Deal with the Wet Spot

The wet spot is a sign of a good time and you and your partner are totally into it, but that doesn’t make it any more pleasant to sleep on.

Instead of fighting over who’s the unlucky one sleeping in the wet spot, take some time to prepare before sex to keep things neat and tidy.

Here are some tips to avoiding an uncomfortable wet spot:

Use Sex Sheets or Blankets

Specially designed sex sheets or blankets are waterproof and protect your mattress from getting soaked. These sheets are typically made of rubber or vinyl, fluid-proof, and intended for not only the wet spot, but other messy sex that may ruin your bedding and mattress.

If you prefer, you can get just a waterproof blanket or throw that you toss on the bed (or the table, or the floor…) right before sex.

Invest in Waterproof Mattress Protectors

While the original use for these is about as unsexy as it gets, waterproof mattress protectors come in multiple sizes and are used for people with incontinence, such as the elderly or young children.

That doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of them, though. You can get mattress protectors that are similar to a fitted sheet and go over your mattress, under your sheets, and keep it dry after sex. When you’re done, you simply take off the protector and throw it in the wash, then replace your normal bedding.

If you want something more convenient, use a smaller mattress protector. These are usually a square or rectangle and cover a lot of the mattress, but you can toss them over your sheets to keep the area clean and dry.

Use Towels Strategically

If you need a last-minute solution to the wet spot, grab some fluffy, dry towels and toss them on the mattress before you get down and dirty. Towels are highly absorbent, so while they don’t have a waterproof quality to protect your mattress, they can absorb a lot of the fluid and keep things – mostly – dry.

Get an After Sex Cleanup Sponge

In addition to laying down mattress protectors or towels, you can get the after sex dripstick to soak up excess fluid from the vaginal canal. The world’s first after sex cum sponge, the dripstick is easy to use – all you have to do is insert, twirl, and pull it out.

The dripstick soaks up all the vaginal leakage after sex (pee or otherwise) and keeps it from staining the sheets or dripping down your leg. What could be better?

Etiquette: Who Sleeps in the Wet Spot?

You could find tons of information about what to do before sex and during sex to make sure your partner is comfortable and satisfied. But what about once sex is over?

Things can get awkward after sex, especially with a new partner. After sex behavior also affects how enjoyable the experience was overall.

Let’s be real – sex involves some cleanup, and not just the wet spot. Both partners should be involved in cleaning up condoms, toys, lubes, and anything else that came up during sex.

When it comes to the wet spot, however, it’s not a two-person deal. Only one person gets stuck sleeping in the wet spot, so who should it be?

Unfortunately, the person sleeping in the wet spot is in for a damp night, to say the least. If the wet spot happens and you weren’t prepared with towels or sex sheets, be considerate and change the sheets and lay a towel down over the wet spot.

If one towel isn’t enough, use multiple towels or a mattress protector, then cover it with a blanket. This should be enough to get you both through the night (or cuddle time) without anyone being uncomfortable.

Planning is Key to Enjoying Sex Without the Dreaded Wet Spot

Life isn’t the movies where you collapse into each other’s sweaty arms after sex. Real-life sex is raw and involves lots of fluids and cleanup, including the wet spot. Instead of fighting over who’s stuck sleeping in a puddle, invest in sheets, mattress protectors, towels, or cleanup sponges to keep the bed dry – no matter how wet things get!

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